About Landcraft


With every landscape we create, our primary objective is a pleased and satisfied client. To that end, we've set three important standards for our work.

Our First standard involves creating landscape that fits the site well. This involves studying the surrounding area and its major features. It's important to consider topography, existing views, and overall look and feel of the area. Factors involving site drainage and improvements, existing soil, and tree cover must be considered along with site usage and the needs of inhabitants. Our second standard involves fitting the landscape to the existing or planned architectural styles.


Years of experience coupled with careful site analysis enables us to design systems. Often, because it's more efficient, we install both the landscaping and irrigation together--saving our clients considerable expense. When installing an irrigation system we use various water delivery components to match the specific needs of trees, plants and turf. Also, a thorough knowledge of plant growth helps us accurately place water delivery sites which won't need costly adjustments as plants mature. Because only the highest quality materials and components are used, Landcraft offers an unbeatable three-year warranty on every irrigation system we install.


Quality does not just happen; it is planned. This means knowing and using all the right materials. In our business, this is a ground up process--literally. We begin by using only the finest base soil we know. We custom blend planting mixes using additional nutrients, root stimulators and other ingredients to quickly stabilize new plantings. Our knowledge and care at this foundational level helps us provide the nurturing soil environment that plants need to grow and mature.


Over the years we continue to meet the ongoing needs of our clients, installing additional features and providing maintenance. After the initial landscaping, we have answered calls to trim trees, add fountains, water gardens patios, waterfall, walkways, irrigation systems, and flower beds. It is important to our clients that we are and established provider, available for the long term. It is important to them that we are familiar with their site; knowing, for example, the location of underground pipes and connections. And it is important that we are available to provide information about continuing care and feeding for their lawn, plants and trees.


Years ago we learned that planning begins with listening to our clients. It is not enough to create beautiful landscaping. Your landscaping must look beautiful to you. Close communication helps connect to our experience with what works with the ideas you have for a certain look. Our ability to provide complete design, installation and irrigation helps you avoid coordination conflicts which often plague multiple contractor situations. As each site offers specific challenges, we look forward to creating solutions our clients will feel satisfied with for years.


To select the proper plants we first consider the owner's preferences for color, texture and size. Next, we match these requirements with plants that have the best response to sunlight and shade as well as resistance to local weather extremes and the foraging of deer. Overall, success always involves careful consideration of the existing characteristics of each particular site.


Half of our plant materials are grown right in our own nursery. The rest are purchased form wholesale nurseries which we know to provide the quality products. This attention to plant quality combined with professional soil and planting skills enables us to offer a one-year limited warranty on all plantings which we install.

“Many thanks to you and your crew for taking a barren landscape (if you could even call it a landscape) and turning it into the envy of the neighborhood. I cannot tell you how many neighbors stop by after seeing the front yard and ask to see the back as well. Your crew was conscience--never leaving trash or a mess at the end of the days’ work--and their handiwork resulted in a beautiful landscape. Again, thank you for all you’ve done.”–Julie Davies

“We couldn’t be happier with our new landscaping. Your knowledge of plant materials and construction put us at ease, seeing as we wanted the job done right--the first time. Also, the way you tackled our complex drain issues was clearly the right thing to do after seeing it perform through the last downpours. It is clear to see that your crew takes pride in their work. You’re welcome to send clients by any day to look at the backyard.”–Rich and Cheryl O’Connell

“Bobbi and I have been continually complimented on our landscaping and are amazed on how things have performed through the heat and ever-present foraging deer. Our landscape stands out as the most impressive on Westminster Glen. We appreciate your promptness whenever we’ve needed a little extra work and support. We gladly refer your name to anyone who needs an excellent landscape.”–Rick and Bobbi Capozza

“Eliza and I really appreciate the great job you did on our patio. The quality and beauty of your stonework exceeded our expectations. It’s a pleasure to walk out our back door everyday. The custom stonework in the seating area is particularly impressive and draws many compliments from our friends and visitors.”–Eliza and DJ Provaska


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